Workers Liberty’s conference

Dear comrades
Thank you for the inviting, Kurdistan Worker-Communist Party, to your conference. We hope your conference will be successful. We are here to express our international solidarity with Workers Liberty, we support your struggle for a fairer and better life for all working people.
Today we are gathering to see what we can do as Socialists and Communists. Two decades have passed since the collapse of The Soviet Union. We are now living under an American led New World Order. During this period our society and working class are suffering from wars, economic crises, unemployment, and terrorism. Everywhere we see attacks on our human rights, freedom and living conditions.
A UN report on poverty this year says that, “the huge gap between rich and poor in Britain is the same as Nigeria and worse than Ethiopia”.
A confession by Joe Biden Vice President of the US said:
Turkey or other allies and partners of the US in the Middle East region had intentionally supplied or facilitated the growth of ISIL or other violent extremists in Syria.”
These two figures show us what Capitalism, Imperialism and the New World system is about. But the big question for us as Socialists and Communists is what are we waiting for? After two decades of this barbaric system are there any solutions other than changing this Capitalist system? Are there any other ways except Socialist Revolution? What is our plan and strategy to change this situation? Is there still any chance to defend our rights, freedom and human dignity if we’re following behind the Labour Party? Half of this New World order’s period we spend under Labour Party Government and yet the situation continues to worsen.
We have tried, but there is no opportunity because this Capitalist system is in another “Big Depression” the same as the 1930s crises. Their governments make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. When we the working class and progressive started to resist this New world Order, we took to the Freedom Squares in many places such us Qairo , Tunisia, Sulaimania, Bagdad, Madrid, Athens, Newark and London . In return the bourgeois and capitalist brought out state forces to crush us. In Britain the Capitalist class is feeding UKIP and racism is growing. In the Middle East Islamic Fascism is supported by US allies.
This is how they defeat the working class and their struggle. We have to move forward we should not be silent and accept the new Conservatism role. If we want to do something for the people in Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria, who are under the ISIS threat, we have to change the system and Governments in the West who are still supporting Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Islamic terrorism and the US invasions and IMF debts, are all one package. If we want to get rid of the Islamic fascism we have to change the political and economic situation which creates this reactionary movement. We have to fight the Imperialist system which needs Dictators to protect their monopoly and slavery. If we want to stop the cuts on welfare and stand up for a better life, we have to fight the Capitalist Government, guiding the working class to a real New World System, which is socialism. We have to raise our slogan for freedom, equality and worker’s Government on both sides of the North and the south of the world. We need a new international front. We need international solidarity. We need to fight like the people of Kobani against our Capitalist enemy.
We request that this conference send a solidarity message to the people of Kobani. Support the Kurdistan worker’s communist party’s struggle for mobilizing people’s resistance forces. Support workers organizations in Iraqi Kurdistan and support Kurdish people’s demand for an independent Kurdistan. We call on you to protest against the Turkish Government and expose its support for the terrorism of political Islam and ISIS in particular. We also call upon you to put pressure on the US and its allied governments to stop all massacres committed by them in the region.
Thank you

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