WCPK and the Mediterranean revolution

WCPK is a worker- communist organisation struggling in Iraqi Kurdistan for freedom, equality and socialist state. This worker- communism movement was established in مارسیل1991 with the foundations of workers and people’s councils ( soviets) following the appraisal and then a worker’s communist party was established n Iraq that had social , women’s and youth , unemployed and workers organisations as well as armed forces. And now this party is part of the opposition political forces in Iraqi Kurdistan that has a lot influence in the political arena and is actively leading the demonstrations for change.

Since 1991, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have shared complete control over power and economic resources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Over the last 20 years, KDP and PUK have proved that they are no better rulers than Hosni Mubarak, Bin-Ali and Gaddafi; and they are greatly supported by the US and the West

Under the rule of KDP and PUK, thousands of people have been killed or have disappeared, Human Rights have been violated and there is very limited freedom of expression and thought. The Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Barzani, has been persecuting, kidnapping and terrorising free-thinkers, intellectuals and political opponents, as well as targeting independent journalists and publications including a long history of oppressing our party , killing our members , forbidding our party and activities.

Furthermore, throughout these years, the leaders of KDP and PUK have been confiscating all economic resources for themselves and their families, while maintaining a corrupt network of business companies managed by their own people. The majority of Kurdish people to this date don’t have access to electricity or a clean water supply, let alone a proper health, education and welfare system.

The recent demonstration in Iraqi Kurdistan is part of the revolutions that started in the Middle East and the Arab world. The aim of this movement is mainly for freedom and better life for people. One of the objectives is to link this struggle with the whole movement in this area to gain ore support and solidarity. One of the common grounds of the situation in Kurdistan with what is happening in the Arab world is that we all are facing militarist and dictatorship political systems.

Encouraged by the recent upraising in the Middle East, and following the toppling of Bin-Ali and Mubarak, thousands of people in the city of Sulaimaniya and many other towns and counties have taken to the streets in a very peaceful and democratic way to protest for freedom, dignity and social justice; to demand an end to corruption; and to call for freedom of assembly and demonstrations and an end to the prosecution of freedom-loving people, writers and political parties. The authorities have opened fire, attacked, thrown acid, arrested, kidnapped and killed demonstrators. So far, more than ten people have been killed; among them 12- and 14-year-olds. More than 400 people have been injured. In the last ten days many have been arrested and trailed and imprisoned under the name of braking what is called “demonstration law”. The cities have been militarised and the streets are occupied with armed forces. The two ruling parties are trying to end the revolution of people in the same way that is in Syria , Libya and Bahrain , by imposing militarisation and every day oppression on demonstrators.

The US and the West are baking the two ruling parties in this situation; they continue to support this oppressive authority because of their interest in sharing power and economic resources. The US and the West have chosen total silence about human right abuses that are committed by Kurdish authority; their media has not reflected the news from people’s revolution.

WCPK have announced for people that the way for a successful revolution is by organising their forces, establishing mass workers and people’s organisations, in order to make this revolution work and succeed until people could establish their true authority which is socialist state, this is the only way to bring about total freedom for people in Kurdistan and in the region. We now want to keep Kurdistan away from repeating the scenarios of Libya and want to prepare people to get ready for taking power in to their own hands.

This movement is now in a great need of international solidarity from the socialists movements around the world , we want to link workers struggle and socialist movements in the Middle east and the Arab world , we can only do this link through the socialists and communists in the different areas and countries , we need this strategy in order to lead on this movements towards a true revolution that ends with bringing the power in to people’s and workers hands. There are many different opposition political movements that claims to own this revolution but they are all part of the borjua movements and capitalist system and wanting to transform power from the hands of a different political party to another . Our movement, the socialists’ movements is the only true political power that aims to lead people in to a true revolution towards equality and freedom. We need this conference to give out this message to all workers and socialists in the world, that only with this mass solidarity the socialist movements in the Middle East and the Arab world could lead to victory.

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